and return.

Together we rethink church and our purpose in it by returning to what Jesus originally designed His Church to be.

jason shepperd preaching teaching speaking
something is obviously off course

Are we leading
the Church the way
Jesus intended?

We read about the church in the Scriptures, and a deep desire to experience the church in this way. But, we feel a distance and dissonance from what they experienced. As pastors and leaders we know that we are called to something more, but aren’t operating in the fullness of that calling.

Something can be done
to get us back to Jesus' original
intentions for His Church.

There is a clear pathway revealed to guide us as we rethink and return.

Jesus said He would build His church. So He would give designs and plans for how to lead within His church. 

eDNA- “Ecclesiological DNA”, is present throughout Scripture. There are designs for the church that should cross all people, place, and time. These designs that supported the rapid multiplication of the gospel in Scripture, history, and around the globe, are seldom practiced, but still possible today.

What is House Church?
get back to god's original designs
for pastoring his church

Let's begin by rethinking
and returning.

A biblically articulated and applied ecclesiology is happening in churches at a growing rate. Together we are walking out leading in Jesus’ plans for His church, and encouraging each other along the way.

Jason Shepperd planted Church Project, a Church of House Churches, in 2010 in The Woodlands, TX. With no people, no place, no money, and no outside support, Church Project started as nothing more than an idea. Since 2010, thousands now gather weekly in local “House Church” communities, and millions of dollars have been directed to gospel-centered ministries.

Jason has also started and oversees Church Project Network, House Church Network, GOOD CITYSTART WITH 7 and GOOD GOD GOSPEL.


Do you have an opportunity
to share audiences?

Jason is often a guest on podcasts, blogs, and other forums where Jesus and rethinking and returning to God’s design for His Church is being discussed. Often, Jason exchanges audience opportunities.

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    A Church of House Churches

    An Articulated and Applied Ecclesiology


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